January Update (ish)

Not a whole lot has happened since my last post. School is back in full swing and I attended a training in Chișinau to start the beginning stages of planning a health club for the next school year. It’s kind of crazy to think about plans for the next year already. I can’t really explain how time works here. All in all though i’m excited to start inviting and collaborating with my students outside of the classroom on projects and initiatives that they want to lead.

IST group photo

All of the partners and volunteers at training

All of January has been very cold and snowy. My host family has really been taking care of me, like they always do, keeping my soba lit and thus my room warm from the time I get home from work throughout the entire evening. A few special celebrations happened in January including Christmas and my host aunt and host mom’s birthdays. Christmas was on the 7th. Which entailed a three and a half hour church service, standing only. In the beginning of the service everyone wrote down the names of people they wanted to wish good health and luck. People lit candles, there was lots of singing, and it was nice to see some new faces from people in the community. The rest of the day was relaxing and low key. My host mom made borș with pickled cabbage and meat.

For my host mom’s birthday on the 13th we had a big party for her. It is customary here that the birthday guy or gal prepares food for people. In typical fashion, my host mom cooked a ton of food and prepared a beautiful masa for all of her brothers, sisters, neighbors, and family friends who came to our house that night. My host dad played his accordion and there was plenty of singing and laughing.


my host mom’s birthday feast

I really enjoy having a host family that is so involved in the community and every day seems to be some sort of special day, Saint Andrei, Saint Vasile, Saint whomever. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy my down time and just tidying my room or reading a book. However I also treasure opportunities like helping out my host mom by walking to the community center in the neighboring village to open it for my students’ dance lessons. Then ending up staying the entire three and half hours completely entertained by watching my students from the second grade to the ninth grade rehearse their routines.




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